Because we are to translate always, everywhere.

More than 27 languages, more than 100 different services. Translations in 2 hours.

Why "Intellect'? Our advantages

Translation agency "Intellect" Intellect Translation Agency has been supporting people who speak foreign languages to successfully communicate and understand each other better for more than ten years. The translation services provided by us are from and to the languages falling into the four basic language groups. Except translations we provide high quality interpretations during scientific seminars, business negotiations, working meetings and many other occasions.

You can translate and certify your diploma, academic transcript and a lot of additional documents, to be used abroad or in Bulgaria.

The translation and legalization of different types of documents is in three-steps procedure:

There are sworn translators at Intellect Translation Agency working in different translation areas: medicine, law, economics, fiction, technical science, etc. and they can provide good quality of every specialized text translation.

Stage 1

Official translation of the document into the selected language, printed out on a letterhead page and signed by a sworn translator.

Stage 2

Apostille legalization provided by the National Centre for Information and Documentation, Ministry of Justice or other institution depending on the document to be legalized.

Stage 3

Certification of the translation in the 'Consular Relations' department to the Ministry of Interior.

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