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The intrpretation is one of the most specific translation services and depends on many factors. Obviously, the specifics of this type of activity significantly differs from the one of the translations. When interpreting you cannot look for unknown words in the dictionary or make consultations with reference materials or colleagues and a competent interpreter must be quick and must have a good speed of reaction. So a key and a crucial factor is the deep knowledge in the respective language, professionalism and language experience in various environment.

Due to the specifics of this type of services you need to make us acquainted with the terminology, topics and conditions of the process so we are well prepared.

Types of interpretations Types of interpretations

Depending on the conditions they can be two types - consecutive and simultaneous.

The first one is more famous.The consecutive interpretation is done in a mode which is convenient for the interpreter which ensures maximum precision and completion of the end result. That is why this type of interpretation is suitable mainly for events with a small number of speakers and participants like business meetings, briefings and conferences, presentations etc.

The simultaneous interpretation is done simultaneously and in parallel with the speech of the speaker. As a rule during the simultaneous interpretation two interpreters usually switch at a certain period of time. The complexity of this type of interpretations requires not only excellent skills but also the provision of special conditions and the use of special equipment. It is usually applied during events like round tables, symposiums, seminars, conferences, presentations, business negotiations, etc.

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Intellect Agency provides the whole set of services related to the interpretation into European and Eastern languages, including organization of the interpretation. Our specialists will help you to choose the best method in compliance with the event and we will assign the task to a competent interpreter. We have a large database of specialists with different competence levels. An individual selection can also be applied: by sex, age, appearance.

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In our capacity of leading translation agency Intellect Agency guarantees protection of the client, short terms of execution and high quality. Our long-year experience allows us to provide our services on a high professional level, in compliance with all requirements of the client, so contact us now and we will be happy to assist you!

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