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If you have a ready translation but you want to make a correction or to make sure that it is correct in a grammatical and stylistic aspect, you may use the proofreading service.

When making a detailed editing of good quality a lot of details are checked and they are very important for the good quality regardless of the sphere. A good proofreader checks for spelling and punctuation errors and also if the terminology is used correctly and if the register of terms is adequate. When providing documents the established terminology in the respective language should be used so the content is clearly understood by the recepient and the translation achieves its purpose - to present the necessary information as clearly as possible.

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You can also require a correction if you have a model or a sample of a translated text and you need to change or rewrite a small part of the information - a date, an amount, a name, etc. The correction needs to be made by an authorized person so that the translation is acknowledged by the respective institution to which the translation serves.

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