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As the most mysterious language of the roman sub-group of the Indo-European languages, the Romanian language keeps on drawing big attention among the linguists - romanists. Its uniqueness to a great extent is related to the way of life of the local population - Vlachs — and the peculiarities of the Roman colonization of Dacia.

As a whole in the World there are about 20 million romanians speaking the respective language but their number decreases due to the general demographic crisis. However, if you need translation from and to Romanian, just contact us.

Specialized translation: all texts with special terminology fall into this group, like legal documentation - contracts, letetrs of attorney, articles of incorporation, General Assembly Minutes, etc.; medical and pharmaceutical documents - discharge summaries, disease history, test results, patient's fact sheets, medicine information, etc; technical literatute - manuals, utilization instructions; technical characteristics, etc; economics and finances - reports, balance sheets of enterprises, declarations, tax assessments, etc.

Romanian language Prices and terms

Translated language Translate to Type of order Terms of completion Standard translation Specific translation
* The translation price shall be calculated based on the translated text and not on the original source-text. 1 translation page is equal to 1800 symbols with spaces (according to the BSS) or 1500 symbols without spaces (according to the BSS)
* При строго техническа, правна и специфична терминология, е възможно оскъпяване с до 50% от посочените цени.
* Посочените цени са в Български лев без ДДС.

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Interesting facts Romanian language

The Romanian language originates from Latin, accepted in Dacia during the first centuries A.C. The history of the Eastern Romance language between III century and the development of the Proto-Romanian language of X century when the area falls into the influence of Byzantium is not known. The term Romanian is sometimes used in the most common sense which included four languages or dialects: Dacian-Romanian, Aromanian, Megleno-Romanian and Istro-Romanian languages.

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