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The technical translations include translations in the area of information technologies, telecommunications, transportation activity, computing equipment, electronics, machine engineering, manuals, technical specifications, instructions for use, safety instructions, etc.

Similar texts consist of specific words, used only in the specific area. One of the main requirements for the translation is the familiarization with the terminology and its coordination with the context of the text translated. Very often for a specific term these documents consist of words which are specifically used and have meanings only in this specific technical sphere.

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The technical translations are made by qualified specialists with rich vocabulary. The most contemporary technologies and organizations of the process are used. We work with documents in all forms and their original form is preserved. This is important because there are schemes, tables and designations in the document which are closely related to the technical text.

Effective management

A work group is formed to work on the project and it consists of managers, translators, editors, proof readers and additional specialists. All projects are executed in compliance with the internationally acknowledged recommendations of the international organizations.

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The professional linguists of Intellect Agency will take the assignment seriously and will transform your text into a clear and adequate Bulgarian analogue. We will standardize the technical terminology for you. If you have a company standardized technical dictionary we will be happy to use it. We are looking forward to working with you!

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