Translation from and to turkish language

Translations from and to Turkish language

Turkish language falls into the Turkic branch and respectively into the family of Altay languages. It is spoken in countries like Turkey, Cyprus, Romania, Macedonia and Bulgaria. In case you need a translation from Turkish to Bulgarian or vice versa, do not hesitate to contact us.

The medical translations are most popular but we also get inquiries about documents for citizenship, contracts, different agreements, birth or civil marriage certificates, certificates of conviction.

Sometimes we are assigned with technical manuals, specifications, user instructions, diagrams, etc. Last but not least are the documents related to the issuance of visas. Our translation and legalization agency assumes the responsability even for the smallest mistake in provision of the services.

Turkish language Prices and terms

Translated language Translate to Type of order Terms of completion Standard translation Specific translation
* The translation price shall be calculated based on the translated text and not on the original source-text. 1 translation page is equal to 1800 symbols with spaces (according to the BSS) or 1500 symbols without spaces (according to the BSS)
* При строго техническа, правна и специфична терминология, е възможно оскъпяване с до 50% от посочените цени.
* Посочените цени са в Български лев без ДДС.

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About us What kind of orders do we accept?

We have to mention that we translate texts of all complexity, although in the language, as a translator has said: 'there are many corner stones in the form of many words'. Of course, the process on improving the linguistic society has not finished yet so all of our qualified specialists constantly increase their knowledge and this helps them to be accurate in the translations.

About us Who are we?

We have been in the translation area for already 10 years and for that time we managed to establish a great database of loyal clients who take benefits of our services and this gives us confidence that we manage to provide the expected quality. We guarantee the accuracy and quality of services we provide so do not hesitate, just contact us and our consultants will be happy to assist you.

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