Diploma of Secondary Education

Translation ald legalization of a Diploma of Secondary Education

The Diploma proving the obtained secondary education degree is issued after you finish the twelfth grade and after you pass graduation exams provided that the training is successful and the minimum graduation grades are obtained. The students get accreditaion based on the performance during the whole education process as well as accreditaion depending on an external, mandatory test examination of the knowledge consisting of strictly stated questions equalized in content and developed by the Ministry of Education and Science over the current year. The results in the diploma identify the average grades of the student not only for obtaining higher education but they also serve for proving the skills and acquired competence before the employer.

The translation of the document obtained is needed if you would like further career development including one at international education institutions and therefore a fast and precise legalization process is needed. The successful admission for the next education level strongly depends on the timely provision of the required documents and the process related to the criteria of the institutions should be controlled and precise so the desired training in the chosen education area is guaranteed.

Diploma of Secondary Education Steps

Step 1

Make sure if legalization is needed.

Step 2

Make a copy of the document certified by a notary and bring it to our office. Please, bring the original for reference.

Step 3

The National Centre for Information and Documentation provides an incoming number so the apostille is affixed. The state fee is paid according to the order - ordinary (5 business days); quick (3 business days) and express (1 business day).

Step 4

The translation is made.

Step 5

The document is provided to the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for certification of the translator's signature. There are three types of orders in this institution - ordinary, quick and express and respectively 4, 2 and 1 business days. The needed state fee is paid according to the type of order.

Step 6

Collect the ready material from the most convenient office.

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* The tariff formation is based on the translated text and not on the original. One page consists of 1800 marks or 1500 symbols if we do not count the punctuation marks and intervals.

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