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Language localization – cultural adaptation of a specific product to the peculiarities of a specific country, region or a group of population. ‘Product’ shall mean each shipment or service. This localization is the second stage of the whole internationalization process and it envisages a thorough examination of the target culture necessary for the correct adaptation of the product to the needs of the different markets. All changes are made with the purpose of identifying the sensitive differences and avoidance of eventual conflicts with the local culture and population as well as penetration in the local market for adaptation to the specific needs.

Additional information What is translation and localization?

This term is frequently considered as ‘an activity of high level’ but without its impact on the importance and complexity of the process as well as on everything it includes. Although sometimes it is difficult to identify the border between the translation and the place, the place is mainly used for non-textual components of goods and services. In addition to the text (that means that the questions for the grammar and orphography vary in dependence on the country and the places where one and the same language is used) the process may include adaptation of a graphical component, currency symbols, data formats, addresses and telephone numbers, colours selection and many other details including the revision of the physical structure of the item.

It is used for::

  • software;
  • video games;
  • web sites

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Useful information What is globalization and localization?

The localization is an activity for adaptation of the item to specific environment and the term globalization shapes it so that the additional work on its limitation is decreased to a minimum.

Let’s assume that a certain company opens offices in ten countries and it needs to adapt its website to the needs of all of them, a decision on how to localize the website and the item to each one of these countries needs to be taken. The professional in this area needs to propose a common strategy to the enterprise: globalized management of the company activity. It can take a decision to establish a structure dealing with the systematization and maintenance of the global strategy by ensuring a single management of 12 separate offices. These activities have many details and peculiarities which cannot be processed by people who don’t have experience in this activity.

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We have a many year-experience in this area and we have worked with many companies over the years. The localization is one of the most important processes when providing translations to foreign countries. We could say that we are real experts in the localization area.

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