Translation from and to serbian language

Translation from and to Serbian language

The language is a part of the South Slavic languages, along with Bulgarian, Croatian, Montenegrin and is spoken on the territory of countries like Serbia, Croatia, Monte Negro, parts of Madeconia and Romania. It is widely spread but nevertheless it is very difficult for translation and a man without good experience cannot do it on their own. So if you need a translation contact Intellect Agency. We also provide services like certifications of documents before notaries, legalization and certification of signatures of translators.

Most popular are the business certificates for the growth of a given company and acquiring new international relations. Legal documents take the biggest place. Along with them there are manuals, discharge summaries, technical literature, declarations, tax assessments and many others.

The Serbian people say that - 'the same words said in Serbian and Bulgarian not always have the same meaning'. In confirmation of what was said: In Serbian 'art' in fact means 'experience'.

Serbian language Prices and terms

Translated language Translate to Type of order Terms of completion Standard translation Specific translation
* The translation price shall be calculated based on the translated text and not on the original source-text. 1 translation page is equal to 1800 symbols with spaces (according to the BSS) or 1500 symbols without spaces (according to the BSS)
* При строго техническа, правна и специфична терминология, е възможно оскъпяване с до 50% от посочените цени.
* Посочените цени са в Български лев без ДДС.

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Interesting facts about Serbian language

The Serbian language is spoken by about eight million and a half people in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Monte Negro and it is an official language in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It falls into the Western group of South Slavic. The younger new Shtokavian dialects of the Shtokavian dialect, called Eastern-Herzegovian dialects (for the ikavian pronunciation) stand in its basis as well as the youngest new Shtokavian dialects (for the ekavian dialect).

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