Translation from and to spanish language

Translations from and to Spanish language

The Spanish language is an official language in Spain and Mexico as well as in some South-American countries and the coutries in Central America. More than 196 million people speak Spanish as a first language and 20 million - as a second language.

Intellect Agency provides written translations for physical and juridical entities, certification before notary of documents and consular legalization.

The Spanish language has many versions and dialects. In Mexico, for instance, the language has its peculiarities. In Spain there are several dialects: Aragonese, Catalan, Madrid, Andalusia and many others. This is very important as far as the translation is concerned. Our specialists know very well about these peculiarities and if necessary we can hire you an expert who is familiar with all the refinements of the different dialects.

Spanish language Prices and terms

Translated language Translate to Type of order Terms of completion Standard translation Specific translation
* The translation price shall be calculated based on the translated text and not on the original source-text. 1 translation page is equal to 1800 symbols with spaces (according to the BSS) or 1500 symbols without spaces (according to the BSS)
* При строго техническа, правна и специфична терминология, е възможно оскъпяване с до 50% от посочените цени.

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Translations and legalisation

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Our experts provide quick translations of good quality of legal, economic, financial and accounting documents. The written version of the service is one of the most widely spread ones. Our specialists are experienced in working with literary works (poetry, prose), advertisements, political materials, news. Most often however there is necessity of the translation of birth certificates, civil marriage certificates, identity of names, declarations, certificates of service, diplomas, academic transcripts, education institution certificates, etc.

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The correctness, quality of execution and individual approach to each separate client make us one of the leading agencies on the translation market with many loyal clients who trusted us and continue to do it. This is our basic motivation to develop, improve and train ourselves so do not hesitate and assign us with your order and you will be convinced of our professionalism.

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