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When starting a new job abroad certain documents are required and they need to be prepared in advance as well as translated and legalized.

Ultimately, you have taken this important step to work abroad but it turns out that you need to prepare certain things in advance! You need to submit a whole list of necessary documents which need to be legalized and translated into the language of the employer. Do not worry about this because our agency will help you. Our highly qualified specialists will perform the translation and legalization of the certificates on your behalf.

Additional information What documents do you need?

Generally, the list of certificates is specific for every country but as a whole it may look like this:

  • birth certificates, death certificates, marriage contracting and dissolution;
  • passports, ID codes;
  • work experience and locations;
  • income issued by the bank;
  • occupational licenses;
  • letters of recommendation;
  • training certificates;
  • medical certificates, certificates of conviction, etc.

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Steps and action

What are the stages of the process?


Send your request for our services.


Translation, legalization and print


You get your documents

Additional information Confidentiality

Frequently, the translators working at Intellect Agency need to work with different types of personal and corporate documents. Due to this one of the most important factors showing the quality of the services provided by the agency is the strict protection of information confidentiality. Our employees who are on the staff and freelancers sign a contract for protecting the personal data during the recruitment stage.

Besides, all electronic data, submitted by the client (text files, videos, presentations, etc.) are encrypted and stored on the internal servers. The external access to these PCs is impossible and they are very well protected. All these security means allow us to guarantee the confidentiality of your personal information.

Why shall you choose Intellect Agency?

The main advantage of the agency is that out translations are made according to the requirements of the embassies and immigration services of the country providing the job. We can guarantee that your name and surname will not be mistaken because each one of our employees strictly compares them to the way they are stated in your passports or other certificates. In case of necessity (for instance if technical or medical terms are used) we hire specialists with the necessary qualification for consultations and clarifications. What is most important - our employees provide the service within the shortest terms so that you easily find a job abroad.

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