Baptism certificate

Translation and legalization of a Baptism certificate

The translation and legalization of a Baptism Certificate is done mostly for contracting a religious marriage abroad and using the services of the Orthodox Church outside of Bulgaria. The Baptism certificate is issued by the churches locally. It is possible that the issue of a duplicate is required in case of loss or destruction.

You can receive yourBaptism Certificate locally in the Church. In case of a loss or damage you can require its duplicate. The duplicate should be certified by the local church by residence and a second certification is needed by the Patriarchate so the legalization can be made.

It is important to know that all Baptism Certificates issued in Sofia or Sofia municipality shall be certified in the bishopric and in the Holy Synod. For all the rest - the certification is provided only bh the Holy Synod.

Baptism certificate Steps

Step 1

Make a duplicate of the Baptism Certificate and get it certified in the Holy Bishopric in the respective district.

Step 2

Your document needs to be signed and to have a wet seal that will be applied abroad.

Step 3

The document shall be certified in the Holy Synod. It takes one day and a state fee shall be paid.

Step 4

After collecting all certifications the document needs to be translated and afterwards it goes to the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A state fee shall be paid. It varies depending on the type of the order (normal, quick or express).

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If you are looking for a legalisation baptism certificate a country different from Bulgaria, please see the countries with which Bulgaria has concluded bilateral agreements. or contact us: 0700 13 002.

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