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Specialized texts, unlike the general ones, require specific knowledge in a certain area. The translation of such a documentation should be made by a person with specific knowledge and experience in certain scientific and technical sphere.

Each text having a register of terminology known only to specialists in this area, is considered as specialized. According to the level of complexity such documents are in the following areas:

  • medicine,
  • law,
  • finances,
  • economics,
  • engineering,
  • fiction, etc.

Additional information If you need assistance?

If you are hesitant about which group your text falls into please contact our coordinators and they will provide you with free consultation:

  • the offices of Intellect Agency;
  • info@prevodite.net; skype: prevodite.net;
  • 0700 13 002 – at the price of a local call. .

The writing on special topics requires a special approach and full coordination at all stages of provision of the service. In order to make up a content on a special topic the attraction of professionals is not enough and we need specialists who have both excellent language knowledge and practical experience in this area.

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Additional information What is our competence?

Intellect Agency provides translations of specialized texts into more than 27 languages. We have a team of professionals with a long-year experience in different scientific areas. Each written assignment is issued on a company form with an affixed signature and seal.

If you have already chosen a service on our website www.prevodite.net, make the onlinehere.

  • online,
  • come to our office,
  • bring the documents by courier.

We guarantee high quality Why should you trust Intellect Agency?

By making a request to Intellect Agency for a specialized text translations you can be sure that the assignment will be accomplished within the specified term. We have highly qualified employees with a long experience who have broad knowledge in many areas. All the services we provide are accessible from everywhere you are - home, office or when you are in a hurry for the next business meeting. You can make online request as well as to send the document by courier.

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