Diploma Supplement

Translation and legalization of a Diploma Supplement

The Supplement is an inherent part of the diploma obtained and it describes in details the subjects studied and the professional branches during the whole education process.

It consists of data certifying the legal identification of the person, a holder of the diploma and it describes in details the succession rate during the whole course of study. The number of hours related to each discipline are stated in the supplement as well as some information related to the form of study, the presence and absence of the individual. The names of the mandatory curricular and extra-curricular studies along with the practical and theoretical preparation included into the curriculum are mandatory in the supplement. The subject and the grade from the state exam or diploma work, as well as the grades point average of all subjects are stated.

The supplement itself is not valid without the respective diploma which proves its truthfulness. It serves to all institutions and units, making them familiar with the material covered and based on which the professional skills of the graduated individual are proved as well as the adequacy of the education degree. When processing documents the supplement is an inherent part of the diploma and it is subject to review. Its legalized translation should be adhered to the required documents by the respective institutions.

Diploma Supplement Steps

Step 1

In order to be legalized the notary should be provided with an original or a copy of the supplement. When choosing the copy version you need to bring the original for reference.

Step 2

An incoming number is provided by the National Centre for Information and Documentation so that the apostille is placed. You need to pay a state fee. The state fee is paid according to the order - ordinary (5 business days); quick (3 business days) and express (1 business day).

Step 3

The translation is made.

Step 4

The document is provided to the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for certification of the translator's signature. There are three types of orders in this institution - ordinary, quick and express and respectively 4, 2 and 1 business days. The needed state fee is paid according to the type of order.

Step 5

Collect the ready material from the most convenient office.

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