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All the physicians who want to continue practicing abroad need special documents which need to be preliminarily developed, translated and legaized in Bulgaria.

The physicians will always find jobs abroad. They are demanded on the labour market and the service is even well-paid abroad. However, the language barrier is an obstacle for most of the physicians to go and work abroad because the necessary certificates need to be translated. In this case the people providing this service need to be very well selected because some of these certificates consist of specific medical terminology chosen by the translator. In this case you better trust a proven agency which will perform professionally.

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We assign the translation of personal documents to experts. We guarantee security and protection of personal data from illegal or accidental access, copying, distribution as well as other unauthorised actions by third parties in case of an order for translation of the text in your personal certificates from one language into another.

Of course the list of documents for the issue of work visa is specific for each country but in general the common list could look like this:

  • passport or as it is called an international passport, allowing you to travel abroad;
  • most of the employers may ask the potential employee to provide a diploma of higher education;
  • occupational licenses consisting of the work experience on the specific position;
  • birth certificate;
  • a document certifying the marriage contract, if any;
  • certificate of conviction and lack of administrative penalties;
  • certificate for registration into the specific community (medical or dental);
  • medical certificate;
  • diplomas of secondary education, qualifications related to the diploma of secondary/higher education and the related supplements;
  • certificates certifying after-graduation qualifications and identity of names if it occurs that the ones stated in the diploma and the ones stated in the other certificates are different.

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Additional information Types of orders and how do we form the price

Why should you choose Intellect Agency?

Intellect Agency consists of a team of highly qualified specialists performing in a professional way, speaking fluently foreign languages and guaranteeing high accuracy and quality of the translation.

If you need to travel abroad with the purpose of staying there and accomplishing labour work and you need translations of your qualification certificates we will provide you with free consultations. We will also provide you with the service at reasonable prices. We are looking forward to working with you!

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