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Very often the translation of an unknown text from one language into another is a demanded service in many areas of the professional activity. At a time of free economy time the need of online-translations of documents, contracts, instructions and even small sentences or phrases is increased. This opportunity is extremely convenient because you don't need to go to the translation agency but you only need to send the materials by email.

Additional information What are the advantages of the online translation

  • Convenience - you don't need to go to the office of the agency but to make an online request.
  • Your location doesn't matter - you can choose a translator according to the quality of work and the opinion of the clients and not by location. Even if you work in a small town you may get profit of the quality of agencies with good reputation.
  • Prompt translation of good quality
  • Fast and easy order - you only need to fill in the respective online-form and everything is simple and automated.

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Steps and action

What are the stages of the process?


Send your request for our services.


Translation, legalization and print


You get your documents

Additional information Online order process

  • you send the original text
  • we contact you in order to discuss the details
  • you pay for the work
  • you get the ready translation.

We guarantee the highest quality Why should you trust Intellect Agency?

With our ten-year presence on the market we have been recognized as a trusted partner of many clients counting on quality and correctness. The application posted on our website can provide you with information about the terms of execution of the specific order and its exact amount. State your contact data and attach your files. Our managers will make the calculation and contact you. Our specialists may provide you with free consultations regarding the translation of legal and financial documentation so do not hesitate. Contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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