Translation from and to dutch language

Translations from and to Dutch language

Dutch language falls into the German group of languages of the Indo-European family. If the correct linguistics is observed individually, the Dutch is a dialect of a region in the Netherlands and it is also a language of the Flemish people.

Intellect agency provides all types of translations from and to Dutch of all subjects and complexity. The language is extremely complex and especially when it concerns documents you have to be extremely responsible and in this respect it's better you assign the translation service to a professional contractor.

Generally, the agency works with all types of documents regardless of the area of activity but as a whole we receive different declarations, articles of association, certificates of service, academic transcripts, diplomas, notes, etc.

We've also gone up the hierarchy of complexity and we have done translations of juridical, business and consulting materials. The difficult thing here is the presence of a great deal of terminology, requiring special education of the translators. Of course, we have a big team and we have the right people at hand.

Dutch language Prices and terms

Translated language Translate to Type of order Terms of completion Standard translation Specific translation
* The translation price shall be calculated based on the translated text and not on the original source-text. 1 translation page is equal to 1800 symbols with spaces (according to the BSS) or 1500 symbols without spaces (according to the BSS)
* При строго техническа, правна и специфична терминология, е възможно оскъпяване с до 50% от посочените цени.

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Our company has more than 10 years on the translation market and we can proudly say that it provides a product which is developed in a professional way and of good quality and which is appreciated by the clients and their positive feedback on the internet which is constantly increasing.

Also, periodically we provide our teams with updating tests and we constantly keep track of the emergency of new terminology which means that we will be always up to date with the new requirements and trends. If you need our services do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Interesting facts about Dutch Dutch language

The Dutch language is pluricentric with special development in different territories. The North version (in the North Sea lands) is dominating and the trend is that the other versions refer to it to certain extent. The only Creole language which is still widely spoken based on the Dutch is Afrikaans, one of the eleventh official languages of Republic of South Africa.

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