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Intellect Agency is specialized in working with corporate clients. We offer our clients special conditions for cooperation, bonuses and discounts. In case of conclusion of a contract with our agency you get discounts for all types of services, guaranteed terms for acceptance and completion of the assignment, a uniform documentation of all projects and their stages. We provide services in the following areas: 

Written and oral translations
In our long practice the work with corporate clients has been turned into a main priority. We provide special offers to these clients including: 

Grammar-related activities
Неясното преобразуване на текста и говора може да стане причина за неуспешни сделки, което най-малкото ще се отрази зле на фирмата Ви. За да избегнете подобни ситуации, фирмата изпълнител, трябва да може да осигури професионален писмен или устен превод, точно предаващ същността на оригиналния документ или реч, запазвайки необходимите думи и стил.

Fast work
Time in business is very important. That is why we provide express translations. We should also say that many translation agencies can observe the tightest time frameworks but in case of high volumes of work they need more time. In such cases we involve several teams, so the assignment is completed on time and in good quality. 

Competitive renumeration
Всъщност, качеството е безценно, но то разбира се си има цена. Все пак не би следвало да плащате някакви баснословни цени. От друга страна обаче, бъдете внимателни, ако Ви предлагат изключително ниски цени, тъй като рискувате да получите лошо качество на превода. Много често при по-големи количества сме отворени за отстъпки от стойността на заявката.

We guarantee confidentiality of information. 

We treat clients’ confidentiality requirements with understanding and respect and this is secured by signing a contract both with the Contracting Authority Company and the employees of the companies who have access to the respective materials so that it is not revealed fully or partially to third parties without the prior consent of the Contracting Authority.
Intellect Agency guarantees full confidentially of information and archives of materials and thus it contributes to the maximum protection of the Contracting Authorities’ interests and increases their trust. 

Why to trust us?
Having more than 10-year presence on the translation market we have a lot of experience in the relations with corporate clients and a great part of them still use our services which means that we are good at what we do. In this aspect, if you would like to cooperate, please, fill in the below form putting as much information as possible and we are going to contact you very shortly to discuss the details. We are looking forward to your requests!

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