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We provide editing, proof-reading, translation of all kind of fiction. Recently, fiction started getting recognized as a trend in the contemporary technological world and the researches show that the needs of this kind of translations are increased which led to the establishment of an additional department in our company. It is mainly intended for this kind of content so let's get familiar into more details with its specifics, the types of expected orders and why you should select Intellect Agency.

Additional information What is specific in the fiction translation?

The translators are almost recognized writers. They not only need to speak fluently the foreign language but also the mother tongue with a sense of rhythm and a style with an art of painting hint. In this case the translator should be acquainted with other books of the author. What is specific in this work is that the employee needs to understand what the author wants to say and to clearly state their thoughts.

The experts working in the department have taken special training courses to acquire the behaviour and go into the specifics of the activity. On the other hand this guarantees accuracy of the execution and promptness because we have contemporary equipment and in case of bigger volumes a whole team works on the assignment using additional computer programs and automated processes.

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Our tips What kinds of fiction translations do we accept?

We tried to cover the widely spread contents and currently we accept requests for the following types:

  • copyright works;
  • articles;
  • manuscripts;
  • scientific articles;
  • dissertations;
  • lyrics;
  • social and political journalism.

Additionally, we can take assignments related to the translation of texts of songs and lyrics.

We guarantee the highest quality Why should you trust Intellect Agency?

Intellect Agency provides its clients with professional services of good quality assigning the tasks to highly qualified employees experienced in this area. We guarantee prompt execution and quality at reasonable prices using contemporary equipment and big volumes of specific vocabulary which is constantly updated. This guarantees absolute accuracy of the project and the use of automated processes as well as the people working in synchronization assume a prompt completion of the assignment regardless of the volume.

With our more than 10-year market presence we have an army of loyal clients using our services on a daily basis so joint the big community of our company. We are looking forward to working with you!

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