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The public documents are acknowledged abroad if they are legalized. Such documents are issued by state institutions.

Legalization means that the documents issued by the authorities of a certain country or which are made up with their participation comply with the legislation of this country. The whole procedure is in the certification of the clerk's signature and the seal of the authorized government body as well as in the comparison of the content with the requirements of the legislation of the country acknowledging their legal force. If you present the document before a state institution you would most probably need to legalize it.

Additional information Types of legalization

There are two types of legalization – by placing an apostille and by consulate's certification. The choice depends on the specific case in the country issuing the public document. In case that the country is a part of the Hague convention from 5th October 1961 you only need to place an apostille.

Apostille — a special seal placed on official non-commercial certificates, issued by institutions and countries which are members of the Hague convention for revocation of the requirement for legal force of the foreign official certificates.

Legalization provided by the consular department — one of the means used for foreign economic activities. This apostille is applied on certificates issued by the organizations which are not members of the Hague convention for revocation of the requirement for legalization of foreign official materials.

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Additional information What are the document categories?

In the world practice the above versions, depending on the order and necessity can be separated in four categories of document forms, namely:

  • documents in which the second method is applied;
  • documents which are processed according to the first version;
  • acknowledged in foreign countries, members of international agreements;
  • legalized by the Chamber of Trade and Industry.

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